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You've found this page because you have the need, nay, the desire to hook up a DisplayPort source (I'm guessing your Apple notebook?) to a DisplayPort monitor that just happens to be 5m away(I'm guessing you're on the couch?). Either that, or you've been randomly clicking through my website looking for uǝppıɥ sǝbɐssǝɯ. Whatever the case, the 5m DisplayPort problem still needs a solution, and I just happen to have one right here, which is good since this is a page on a web store entitled '5m Premium DisplayPort Cable'!

What it'll do for you is provide the best possible DisplayPort v1.1a connection between devices, which equals support for most common resolutions up to 1080p and beyond (way beyond) plus 7.1 audio and DPCP compatibility. Additionally, you get top build quality and great shielding on the passive link cable. 5m is quite a ways for DisplayPort, so be sure that your content stream comes in under the bandwidth limitation or you could see a step-down in resolution.

Technical Specifications

The DisplayPort 1.1 connection supports 1, 2, or 4 data pairs in a Main Link that also carries clock and optional audio signals, each with a symbol rate of 1.62 Gbps or 2.7 Gbps. The video signal path supports from 6 to 16 bits per colour channel. A bi-directional auxiliary channel (at a constant 1 Mbps) carries management and device control data for the Main Link. DisplayPort currently supports a rate of 8.64 Gbps over a distance of 2 meters. Data rate at 5m may vary


Display Port cables and adaptors are designed to be compatible with all types of signals (VGA, DVI & HDMI). but your Display Port device itself must be capable of outputting the correct data type for your display, and not all Display Port devices are currently capable of outputting al data types. Look for the D++ symbol on your products or check your device manuals for compatibility.

Product Specifications:

  • 5 year Cable Chick Warranty
  • 30 Day satisfaction Guarantee
  • 5m Male Display Port Connector to Male Display Port Connector (version 1.1a)
  • Nickle Silver Plated Connectors for optimal signal transfer
  • 10.8 Gbps Data tranfer rate
  • Supports most signals such as 576i, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p, 1440p & 1600p plus many others.
  • Full support for DPCP (Display Port Content Protection)
  • Perfect for running a Display Port Device with a Display Port Screen
  • Supports 8 Channel Audio
  • Colour: Black with Silver Connectors

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