Despatch and Shipping

Q. How long does it take before my online order gets dispatched for delivery?

All online order for delivery is process the same day if placed before 11am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Any online orders after 11am for delivery are generally dispatched the next pickup day(Monday, Wednesday and Friday). Except those that require security checks which will be explained below 

*For In stock at Supplier product, it take take longer than usual 24 hours period to dispatch.

Q. What is security check?

We did experience frauds in the past and that why we implemented this security check process since then. As part of this process a small token amount is taken from the same account in which the order was paid with. This will go through with your banking institution straight away. By completing this process you confirm you own this bank account and only you can know what amount has been deducted from your account. Upon confirmation with us either via phone or email of this amount your order will be dispatched within same day where possible and the amount will also be refunded to you in 2 working days

Q. How long does it take to deliver my order?

Delivery time varies depending on your receiving address.

  • Metro areas are generally next day delivery.
  • Outside of metro areas are generally 2 to 3 working days.
  • Eastern states are generally 5 to 7 working days.
  • If you have selected "express shipping" , please be aware that this is a service offered by our logistic partners and express service only applies after your package has been received by the elected courier. Express service does not apply to our internal order processing time. Orders with "express shipping" will have the same order processing time as "standard shipping"

If an unexpected delay occurs, it can take longer than usual.

Q. What are the freight charges?

Freight charges depend on where the goods are being delivered to, and how heavy and big they are. Freight charges are automatically worked out by our website when you placed an order, and can be seen when you place payment for your order.

Online Enquiries

Q. Can I buy online and pickup in store?

Yes. Just need to take your photo ID and your order number with you to the dispatch point of the store with which you placed the order

Q. How long do I have to wait before I can pick up my online order?

Providing that we have everything in stock at the store you have selected, the turn-around time should be within a day. Wait to receive a confirmation email with the order number 10-20mins. Once you have the order number you can come down to pick up the goods. You can track your order online under order status. For more detailed information, please give us a call.

Q. Do you have a specific item in stock?

Stock levels are shown on our website.

'Arriving soon’: the product has been ordered and currently awaiting delivery from supplier,

'In Stock’: the product is definitely available,

Q. What type of payment method do you provide when shopping online?

Payment Options

Q. Can I cancel my online order?

Depending on the situation, please contact our online sales representative for more information. But generally, you can.

Service Enquiries

Q. How long does it take to fix my computer?

Generally, our turnaround time is 2 -3 business days. However, depending on the nature of your problem and how busy we are, the turnaround time can vary. All express (same day) repairs requires prior booking and an extra $50 fee will be applied.

Q. How do I check the status of my repair job?

You can check up on how your repair job is going by giving us a call and checking with our service department. Please make sure to have your RA number with you to reduce search time. This can be found on the paper that was given to you when you dropped off your computer. 

Support Enquiries

Q. Can't get any signals on the monitor?

Please make sure that the cables are plugged in correctly. Some computers have an onboard graphics and a standalone graphics card. If your system is one of them, please make sure that the monitor is not plug onto the onboard graphics port.

Q. How do I activate my Microsoft windows?

If your computer has a working connection to the internet you can automatically activate your copy of windows. If not you can activate over the phone by calling 1800 642 008 and following the instructions. If you are having difficulty activating your copy of windows please call that number first and a Microsoft assistant will be able to help you out.