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Computer Repairs in Perth & Throughout Australia

At Austin Computers, we’re more than just a computer and computer accessories shop, we also offer our customers expert computer repair services. Whether you’re located in Perth or anywhere in Australia, our specialist team can help you to get back to working or gaming fast! Every one of our stores has a service centre, where you can simple drop off your computer and our IT staff and technical experts will fix the issues you’re having where possible.

When we receive a computer for repairs in Perth or anywhere in Australia, we pride ourselves on always being transparent with our customers. This means we will communicate with you the problems with your computer once they’re identified, the cost to fix and the timeframe for repairs.

If We Can’t Fix Your Computer, There’s no Charge!

Unfortunately, with computers, not every issue can be repaired. So, our policy is if there’s no solution for your issue, there’s no charge. If you’re experiencing issues with your computer, our repairs include but aren’t limited to:

•    Warranty related repairs
•    Out of warranty and post purchase IT and equipment related issues
•    System upgrades and technical advice
•    Repairs and maintenance to ensure your machine runs smoothly

So, whether you’re in Perth or anywhere in Australia our highly training and experienced IT specialists can offer repairs to rectify your computer issues fast. To find out more, contact us on 1300 022 877 today.


Prices for our Computer Repairs

Inspection Fee

For all service work completed outside of a warranty or if no fault found or software fault if system is under warranty
(i.e. if a hard drive has been diagnosed by a customer as faulty and no fault is found inspection fee will be charged


Insurance Report

Comprehensive insurance report for insurance claims. This report will include an assessment of the damages and formal repair quotation will be provided.


Data Transfer (Excluding Emails) / Backup

Covers retrieval and back up of existing information to a single folder. In some cases, not all data can be retrieved due to corrupt or invalid files.


Component Installation

Installation and testing of standard components, such as VGA RAM or DVD burner.



Software Installation

Installation of software as per the individual software end user license agreement. We will also assist with on-line activation or installation as required.



Spyware / Virus removal

Includes inspection and detection of vulnerable devices. We will also determine and complete the removal of the spyware or virus.



Format and Reload – Branded PC or Laptop

Format and re-load of laptop or branded PC (Dell, Acer, HP)
Includes installation of Windows, latest drivers and updates. Does not include back-up or additional software i.e. Microsoft Office.


Priority Booking Fee

When you choose priority booking for your computer repairs, our team will prioritise your machine. This is available for all systems with or without warranty.



Email Setup & Configuration

Includes setting up your email, transferring emails and backing up emails.