Should I Build a Custom PC?

At the end of 2021, the global tech industry was worth an estimated $5.2 trillion! What does this mean for you? LOTS of options.

If you’re thinking about building a custom PC, you’re not alone. With new hardware hitting the shelves at a record-breaking pace, many people have turned to building their own custom setup.

So, should you build your own computer? The short answer: Yes!

The long answer? Well, read on...

Custom PCs are Suited to Your Needs

With premade desktop computers, your choices are limited to what you can find available on the market. Many times, people will need to make compromises to find the best option for their needs that fits their budget.

With a custom computer, the possibilities are endless! You’ll have complete freedom in selecting each individual component of your computer. This means you can spend more to get higher quality parts for the areas you need, and save in other places.

For example, if you store most of your files in the cloud, you won’t need to spend too much on your hard drive. This will let you use more of your budget on other things, like a faster processor or a stellar monitor.

Or if you’re looking to build a business PC, you can include plenty of memory on your machine. This will let you run lots of programs at the same time without slowing you down. A custom PC is definitely one way to “work smarter, not harder.”

Pus, with so many options available on the market, not only can you select parts to meet your hardware spec needs, you can also select components to fit your style!

For working professionals, PC parts are available in sleek, modern styles that don’t stand out in the workplace. For personal and gaming computers, you can customize colors, textures, lighting, and more.

Better Parts for a Better Price

Many prebuilt computers seem to have great specs for their price. This may leave you wondering if the price of a custom PC is worth it. However, what the specs don’t show is that many premade computers use lower-quality, cheaper parts.

These parts keep the cost of manufacturing the computer low, but also sacrifice the quality of the product. They are usually from lesser-known manufacturers and have inefficient cooling and a shorter life.

Luckily, building a custom PC allows you to select the best parts on the market. With computer parts becoming more standardized, you’ll be able to assemble parts from different manufacturers to get the quality you deserve.

You’ll even get longer warranty periods when you build a PC. Many companies offer warranties that are years longer on their individual parts then on a prebuilt PC. Not only will you be getting better quality, but they come with some peace of mind, too.

All things considered, custom PCs usually cost around the same as a prebuilt option, and sometimes even less. However, the quality is much higher and your investment will last years longer.

Building a PC is Fun and Easy

Want an insider secret? Putting together your PC is not hard! Manufacturers know that customers buy parts for their custom PC, so they make their parts easy to set up.

No matter what parts you end up selecting, you’ll assemble it using the same strategy. It all starts with attaching a motherboard to your case. After that, many components just plug right in!

The online community around tech, especially when it comes to gaming computers, is enthusiastic. If you need help, you’ll find plenty of resources online to help you assemble your PC. Chances are you’ll find a tutorial video on how to assemble the exact part you purchased.

The best strategy is to watch videos and read instructions before you get started. That way, the process of assembling your parts will be painless and lots of fun.

Pro tip: If you have tech savvy friends, they’ll probably be more than happy to lend a helping hand.

Custom PCs are Easy to Maintain

When a prebuilt computer starts to slow down, it’s usually time to start thinking about purchasing a new computer. However, with a custom PC, you’re able to upgrade individual parts without replacing the whole machine.

Of course, this will cut down on costs, but it will also be an easy process! Since you put each of the parts together, you’ll know exactly what to replace and how to replace it. You’ll also know what parts will be compatible with your system.

If something ever goes wrong, you’ll be able to tap into that same online community to get your computer going again. No more waiting on hold with big manufacturers.

Building a PC is the Best Way to Game

It’s no secret that the gaming industry is booming. Modern video games are more immersive than ever, and there are endless options out there. However, you’ll need stronger hardware components to be able to run resource-heavy games.

The parts you’ll need, especially the graphics cards, rarely come with prebuilt computers. And if they do, they’ll come with a big price tag. For gamers, building a PC is definitely the best option.

Your setup will look amazing, too. Gaming components usually come with LED lighting that can sync across your devices. (Plus, there’s no shortage of accessories, either.)

If you’re interested in building a gaming PC, be sure to read some of our recommendations on getting started.

Building a PC is for Everyone

The market for custom computer parts is much bigger today than in the past. This means that building a custom PC is easy and affordable no matter what your needs are.

With a huge community online to help, there’s no experience needed! So, should you build a PC? Yes!

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