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Buy Monitors at Austin Computers

Shop monitors at Austin Computers since 1996 - next day delivery on stock items or same day pick-up from 5 stores. 7 days money back and low price guarantee ! Extensive range of PC monitors !

How to buy the best computer monitor?

It is wise to identify what your needs and budget is to determine the best monitor for you. The first need that should be identified is the size of your desired monitor – where most vary from 17" to 43". Typically, the greater the screen size, the more expensive the monitor will be. It is also important to consider several features, such as the aspect ratio (typically 16:9, 21:9 or 16:10), curved or flat, resolution, refresh rate, adaptive refresh rate (e.g. Freesync or G-Sync), response time, connectors (including DisplayPort, DVI, HDMI, Thunderbolt, USB, VGA, Thunderbolt etc), and panel type (TN, VA or IPS) when selecting your monitor. These features should depend on whether you are using the monitor for general work, business, entertainment, pro gaming and professional need (such as graphics design, image editing, industrial specialties & etc.) – these tasks have varying demands on a monitor. Austin Computers offers different types of monitors from brands such as AOC, ASUS, BenQ, Philips, Samsung and various other brands. You can also buy monitor mounts and VESA arms for improved ergonomics from Austin Computers.

Benefits of different computer monitor panels: TN, IPS, VA panels

The vast majority of monitors available to purchase combine LED backlighting with either a TN, VA or IPS panels

TN panels - these are normally used in entry-level monitors and some gaming monitors

- They offer fast response times, high-refresh rates without an ultra-high price tag and low purchase price compared to IPS and VA panels. - However, some TN panels suffer from sub-optimal colour accuracy and poor viewing angles

VA panels - are somewhat hard to find and are normally found on mid-tier monitors (usually large format displays)

- They offer relatively fast response times, deep black colours (arguably the closest black level to OLED) and good viewing angles - However, some VA panels suffer from ghosting in fast motion clips and poor colour accuracy.

IPS panels - these are normally found in high-end monitors and many high-end gaming monitors and it is widely considered the most desirable monitor panel type

- They offer great colour accuracy, great viewing angles and can be found with high refresh-rates. - However, IPS panels often cost more than a TN or VA equivalent and can still suffer from slower response times than a TN panel.