MSI PRO B760-P WIFI DDR4 motherboard LGA 1700 micro ATX

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Model Number: PRO B760-P WIFI DDR4

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MSI PRO B760-P WIFI DDR4 motherboard LGA 1700 micro ATX 

PRO B760-P WIFI DDR4 is designed with tons of flexible tools and convenient Wi-Fi solution with DDR4 memory version. Extended Heatsink enlarges the surface of heat dissipation and maintain the performance at heavy loads. Strengthened M.2 thermal solution helps keep M.2 SSD safe and ensures incredible performance. Doubling over the previous generation, the bandwidth of a x16 interface can reach 64GB/s. The PRO Series motherboard is tailored to professionals from all walks of life. The lineup features impressive performance and high quality, while aiming to provide users incredible experience. Users who care about productivity and efficiency can definitely count on the MSI PRO Series to assist you with multitasking and increasing efficiency.



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