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The smarter way to work, Introducing the ThinkPad Universal USB-C Dock. This advanced, universally compatible one-cable docking solution lets you work smarter, not harder. It comes with a vast array of ports, next-gen plug and play functionality, and rapid charging capabilities (up to 100W for most USB-C notebooks*). Smart enough to install critical firmware updates automatically, it’s ideal for any mixed-PC environment and home-based working, and gives you the freedom and power to do more. * The in-box 90W power adapter charges ThinkPad and other USB-C notebooks up to 65W. For 100W charging, an optional slim tip 135W power adapter is required (PN: 4X20E50558). Sold separately.


Brand Lenovo
Color Black
Hardware Interface USB 3.1 Type A, USB Type C, DisplayPort, USB Docking Station, Ethernet, HDMI, USB 2.0
Compatible Devices X1 Titanium G1-20QB, X1 Titanium G1-20QA, X1 Nano-20UQ, X1 Nano-20UN, X1 Nano G2-21E9 , X1 Nano G2-21E8 , X1 Fold 16 G1-21ET , X1 Fold 16 G1-21ES , X1 Extreme G5-21DF, X1 Extreme G5-21DE, X1 Carbon G10-21CC - X1 Carbon Gen 10, X1 Carbon G10-21CB , X1 Carbon 9th Generation-20XX , X1 Carbon 9th Generation-20XW , X1 Carbon 8th Generation-20UA , X1 Carbon 8th Generation-20U9, X1 Carbon 7th Generation-20R2, X1 Carbon 7th Generation-20R1, X1 Carbon 7th Generation-20QE , X1 Carbon 7th Generation-20QD , T14 2nd Gen, T14 AMD G1, T14 AMD G1, T14 AMD G2, T14 AMD G3, T14s 2nd Gen, T14s AMD G1, T14s AMD G2, T14s AMD G3, T14s Gen 3, T15 2nd Gen, T15p G3, T16 AMD G1, T16 G1, T490, T490s,T495s, T590, ThinkBook 13s G4 ARB, ThinkBook 13s G4 IAP, ThinkBook 13x G2 IAP, ThinkBook 14 2nd Gen ITL ThinkBook 14 3rd Gen-AC, ThinkBook 14 G4 ABA, ThinkBook 14 G4 IAP, ThinkBook 14 G4+ ARA, ThinkBook 14 G4+ IAP, ThinkBook 14p G3 ARH, ThinkBook 14s Yoga G2 IAP, ThinkBook 15 2nd Gen-ITL, ThinkBook 15 3rd Gen-ACL, ThinkBook 15 G4 ABA, ThinkBook 15 G4 IAP, ThinkBook 15p G2 ITH, ThinkBook 16 G4+ ARA, ThinkBook 16 G4+ IAP, ThinkBook 16p NX ARH, ThinkBook Plus G3 IAP, ThinkPad L14-20U1 MT 2020, ThinkPad L14-20U2 MT 2020, ThinkPad L15-20U3 MT 2020, ThinkPad L15-20U4 MT 2020, ThinkPad P14s-20S4 MT 2020, ThinkPad P14s-20S5 MT 2020, ThinkPad T14-20S0 MT 2020, ThinkPad T14-20S1 2020, ThinkPad T14-20S2 HC, ThinkPad T14-20S3 HC, ThinkPad T14s-20T0 , ThinkPad T14s-20T1, ThinkPad T15-20S6, ThinkPad T15MT,, Lenovo Laptops that are USB-C Enabled., P14s 2nd Generation-20VX MT 2021, P14s 2nd Generation-20VY MT 2021, P14s AMD G2-21A0 - P14s AMD Gen 2, P14s AMD G2-21A1 - P14s AMD Gen 2, P14s G3-21AK MT 2022, P14s G3-21AL MT 2022, P15s 1st Generation-20T4 MT 2020, P15s 1st Generation-20T5 MT 2020, P15s 2nd Generation-20W6 - P15s Gen 2, P15s 2nd Generation-20W7 - P15s Gen 2, P15v AMD G3-21EM - P15v AMD Gen 3, P15v AMD G3-21EN - P15v AMD Gen 3, P15v G3-21D8 - P15v Gen 3, P15v G3-21D9 - P15v Gen 3, P16 G1-21D6 - P16 Gen 1, P16 G1-21D7 - P16 Gen 1, P16s AMD G1-21CK - P16s AMD Gen 1, P16s AMD G1-21CL - P16s AMD Gen 1, P16s G1-21BT - P16s Gen 1, P16s G1-21BU - P16s Gen 1, P43s-20RH MT, P43s-20RJ MT, P53s-20N6 MT, P53s-20N7 MT, L14 AMD G1-20U5 MT 2020, L14 AMD G1-20U6 MT 2020, L14 AMD G2-20X5 - L14 Gen 2, L14 AMD G2-20X6 - L14 Gen 2, L14 AMD G3-21C5 - L14 Gen 3, L14 AMD G3-21C6 - L14 Gen 3, L14 G2-20X1 - L14 Gen 2, L14 G2-20X2 - L14 Gen 2, L14 G3-21C1 - L14 Gen 3, L14 G3-21C2 - L14 Gen 3, L15 AMD G1-20U7 MT 2020, L15 AMD G1-20U8 MT 2020, L15 AMD G2-20X7 - L15 Gen 2, L15 AMD G2-20X8 - L15 Gen 2, L15 AMD G3-21C7 - L15 Gen 3, L15 AMD G3-21C8 - L15 Gen 3, L15 G2-20X3 - L15 Gen 2, L15 G2-20X4 - L15 Gen 2, L15 G3-21C3 - L15 Gen 3, L15 G3-21C4 - L15 Gen 3, L390-20NR MT, L390-20NS MT, L390-20NT MT, L390-20NU MT, L490-20Q5 MT, L490-20Q6 MT, L590-20Q7 MT, L590-20Q8 MT, Lenovo Slim 7, Lenovo Slim 7 ProX, Lenovo Slim 9, P1 G5-21DC - P1 Gen 5, P1 G5-21DD - P1 Gen 5, Yoga AMD G3-21BB - L13 Yoga Gen 3, L13 Yoga AMD G3-21BC - L13 Yoga Gen 3, L13 Yoga G3-21B5 - L13 Yoga Gen 3, L13 Yoga G3-21B6 - L13 Yoga Gen 3, L13 Yoga-20R5 MT, L13 Yoga-20R6 MT, L13 Yoga 2nd Generation, L13 Yoga 2nd Generation-20VL MT 2020, L13 Yoga AMD G2-21AD - L13 Yoga Gen 2, L13 Yoga AMD G2-21AE - L13 Yoga Gen 2,, L13 Clam AMD G2-21AB - L13 Clam Gen 2, L13 Clam AMD G2-21AC - L13 Clam Gen 2, L13 Clam AMD G3-21B9 - L13 Clam Gen 3, L13 Clam AMD G3-21BA - L13 Clam Gen 3, L13 Clam G3-21B3 - L13 Clam Gen 3, L13 Clam G3-21B4 - L13 Clam Gen 3, L13 Clam-20R3 , L13 Clam-20R4, E14 AMD 3rd Generation-20YF - E14 AMD Gen 3, E14 G4-21E3 - E14 Gen 4, E14 G4-21E4 - E14 Gen 4, E15 2nd Generation-ARE-20T8, E15 2nd Generation-ARE-20T9, E15 AMD 3rd Generation-20YG - E15 AMD Gen 3, E15 AMD 3rd Generation-20YH - E15 AMD Gen 3, E15 AMD 3rd Generation-20YJ - E15 AMD Gen 3, E15 AMD 3rd Generation-20YK - E15 AMD Gen 3, E15 G2-20TD MT 2020, E15 G2-20TE MT 2020, E15 G4-21E6 - E15 Gen 4, E15 G4-21E7 - E15 Gen 4, IdeaPad 5 14ABA7-82SE - IdeaPad 5, IdeaPad 5 14IAL7-82SD - IdeaPad 5, IdeaPad 5 Pro 16IAH7-82SK - IdeaPad 5 Pro, IdeaPad Duet 5 12IAU7-82TQ - IdeaPad Duet 5, IdeaPad Gaming 3 16ARH7-82SC - IdeaPad Gaming, IdeaPad Slim 7 Pro 16ACH6-82QR - IdeaPad Slim 7 Pro, K14 AMD G1-21CU - K14 Gen 1, K14 AMD G1-21CV - K14 Gen 1, K14 G1-21CS - K14 Gen 1, K14 G1-21CT - K14 Gen 1, L13 Clam 2nd Generation-20VH MT 2020, L13 Clam 2nd Generation-20VJ MT 2020, C14 G1 Chromebook-21C9 - C14 Gen 1 Chromebook, C14 G1 Chromebook-21CA - C14 Gen 1 Chromebook, E14 2nd Generation-20TA MT 2020, E14 2nd Generation-20TB MT 2020, E14 2nd Generation-ARE-20T6 MT 2020, E14 2nd Generation-ARE-20T7 MT 2020, E14 AMD 3rd Generation-20Y7 - E14 AMD Gen 3, E14 AMD 3rd Generation-20YD - E14 AMD Gen 3, E14 AMD 3rd Generation-20YE - E14 AMD Gen 3, 13w Yoga-82S2 - 13w Yoga, 13w Yoga-82S1 - 13w Yoga, 100w AMD G3-82J0 - 100w Gen 3, 100w AMD G3-82HY - 100w Gen 3, 100e AMD G3-82J8 - 100e Gen 3, 100e AMD G3-82J7 - 100e Gen 3,, X1 Yoga 4th Gen(20QF, 20QG, 20SA, 20SB), X1 Yoga 5th Gen(20UB, 20UC), X1 Yoga 6th Gen(20XY, 20Y0), X1 Yoga Gen 7(21CD, 21CE), X12 Detachable 1st Gen( 20UV, 20UW), X13 AMD G1(20UF, 20UG), X13 AMD G2( 20XH, 20XJ), X13 AMD G3( 21CM, 21CN), X13 G1 (20T2, 20T3), X13 G2(20WK, 20WL), X13 G3(21BN, 21BQ), X13 Yoga 2nd Gen( 20W8, 20W9), X13 Yoga G3( 21AW, 21AX), X13 Yoga (20SX, 20SY), X13s G1(21BX, 21BY), X390(20Q0, 20Q1, 20SC, 20SD), X395 (20N, 20NM, Z13 AMD Gen 1(21D2, 21D3), Z16 Gen 1(21D4, 21D5), Yoga Slim 6 14IAP8(82WU), Yoga Slim 7 Pro 14IAH7(82UT), Yoga Slim 7 Pro 14IAP7(82SV), Yoga Slim 7 Pro 16ACH6(82QQ), Yoga Slim 7 Pro 16ARH7(82UW), Yoga Slim 7 Pro 16IAH7(82VA), Yoga Slim 7 ProX 14IAH7(82TK), Yoga Slim 9 14IAP7(82T0), See more
Total USB Ports 5
Item Dimensions LxWxH 8.27 x 6.22 x 2.95 inches
Number of Ports 12
Item Weight 0.9 Kilograms
Total HDMI Ports 1
Wattage 65 watts

Key Features:

  • One Dock. No Limits
  • Ideal for both office-based and remote working, it’s an IT manager’s dream—critical firmware updates are installed automatically and traditional IT tools, such as PXE boot, WOL, and MAC Address Pass Through, are also supported
  • One Cable. No Clutter
  • ThinkPad Universal USB-C Dock lets you savour blazing-fast data transfers, rapidly charge USB-C notebooks, and plug and play displays and other PC accessories. What’s more, this advanced one-cable docking solution gives you more desk-space to work and play with
  • One Remote Workforce. No Problem

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