Cooler Master RGB Hard Gaming Black Gaming mouse pad

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Cooler Master RGB Hard Gaming. Width: 350 mm, Depth: 264 mm. Product colour: Black, Surface coloration: Monotone, Material: Aluminium,Silicone,Steel, USB powered. Backlight colour: Red/Green/Blue, Non-slip base. Gaming mouse pad

The RGB Hard Gaming Mousepad is a vibrant, durable mousepad built for pro-level gaming. It features a low-friction surface optimized for optical and laser mice sensors. Five large rubber pads on the bottom prevent slippage during those crazy matches. Set your desk aflame with nine vibrant presets and effects so you can proudly display your colors – all at the press of a touch sensitive button.

Braided Cable for Added Durability
The RGB Hard Gaming Mousepad is designed to last, and that includes the cable. It's fully braided, so you can connect your mousepad to your PC without worrying about wearing out the cable.

RGB Illumination
Nine vibrant preset light animations and effects ensure you can personalize your mousepad to match your hardware or other RGB gear.

Eliminate Slippage
Don't worry about your mouse pad inconveniently slipping in the heat of battle. Five large rubber pads on the bottom maximizes grip and eliminates slippage during those intense firefights.

Optimized surface
It isn't all about looks - the RGB Gaming Mousepad is also optimized for peak performance. A textured, low-friction surface is specially designed and calibrated for the precision of optical and laser mice sensors. The result is a mousepad that performs as well as it looks

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