ASUS ROG-THOR-1600T-GAMING power supply unit 1600 W 20+4 pin ATX Black, Silver

Model Number: ROG-THOR-1600T-GAMING

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The Quietest 1600W Power Supply The ultimate expression of Thor wields a redesigned core that brings higher power efficiency, improved cooling, and lower noise to monstrous rigs that slay everything in their path. COMPONENTS GAN MOSFETS Gallium nitride MOSFETs are the source of Thor’s power. Boasting lower switching losses and improved efficiency compared to conventional silicon transistors, GaN FETs allow the 1600W Thor to swing massive amounts of current without being needlessly wasteful. DIGITAL POWER CONTROL A digital controller provides precise control over the GaN power array, facilitating lightning-fast response to load changes. COMPONENTS 80 PLUS TITANIUM CERTIFICATION Low-ESR Japanese capacitors further improve efficiency and reduce heat, readying Thor to reliably fuel your build for years to come. THERMAL CONTROL ROG HEATSINKS Integrated ROG heatsinks have 2x more volume than traditional designs, resulting in 20% lower temperatures inside the PSU, further extending component lifespan. THERMAL CONTROL 135MM PWM FAN The PWM-controlled Axial-tech fan shifts 21% more air and needs fewer revolutions to cool critical components. And because Thor is designed from the ground up to stay cool, the fan shuts off entirely when the PSU load is 50% or below. LAMBDA A++ CERTIFICATION Thor Titanium cooling upgrades result in a coveted Lambda A++ noise rating, confirming the latest iteration wields menacing power in absolute stealth. EXPERIENCE SLEEVED CABLES A range of sleeved cables are bundled with Thor, and we also provide a 20% CableMod discount. EXPERIENCE PCIE GEN 5.0 READY Each ROG Thor 1600W Titanium PSU is bundled with a 16-pin PCIe cable that can pipe up to 600W of power to PCIe Gen 5.0 graphics cards. Get ready for the future of power delivery. EXPERIENCE 10-YEAR WARRANTY We're so confident about the reliability of the ROG Thor 1600W Titanium that we back it with a 10-year* warranty. *Core product operation is guaranteed for 10 years. The OLED panel and RGB LEDs are subject to a 3-year warranty.

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