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The computer is your home's command central. Whether you're looking to set up your computer network at home, repair a broken machine or have someone advise you on best practices, we've got the know-how, tools and experience to get the job done.

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Computer setup service by Austin

Computer Setup Help

Make sure your computer works right from the start. Let us update your system, set up accounts, connect you to the internet, install Anti-Virus, your favourite photo editing tool or Microsoft Office.

Austin can help with your PC Upgrades in Perth

PC Upgrade

Need a new piece of hardware installed in your computer? Bring your computer in to one of Perth store or have us out to your place. We stock a massive range of products to accomodate for most PC builds. We'll install the new hardware and make sure they all work nicely together.

Austin can repair your computer and hardware

Computer & Hardware Repairs

You don't love it, but we do. Whether it involves replacing bad RAM, a mulfunctioning motherboard or a cracked screen, we service most major brands regardless when the device was purchased. Call us to come onsite or bring in your PC to one of our convenience six service centers.

Is your computer running slow? Contact Austin to arrange a computer cleanup


Has your PC been hit with age? That's okay, we can provide a "clean and refresh" computer computer service to speed things up. Give it some love today and it will do its duty and run better. Let us get under the hood, clean up some functionality, delete those temp files, update software patches and remove unwanted programs to keep your computer in the best condition possible.

Is your hard drive damaged and need to recovery your data? Contact Austin today!

Data Recovery

Working out of our state-of-the-art Austin Technology service center, our Data Recovery engineers specialise in retrieving material from malfunctioning or damaged computer hard drives or storage media. 

Has your computer been infected by a virus or spamware? Austin can help!

Virus & Spamware Removal

Is your computer performance unstable - sometimes it's fine, sometimes it is crazy slow? Are people in your address book responding to email messages you did not send? Do you get threatening pop-up messages? Well it sounds like you may have picked up a deadly virus or some malware out there. Let us remove infections with our bullet-proof methods and put in measures to ensure your computer is protected for the future.Let us servie your computer in Perth today!

Austin can help with your home and wireless networking.

Home & Wireless Networking

Want to create a small office environment at home? Perhaps you want to setup your own fully integrated high-tech entertainment system. We have the tech know how to get your network running at the highest standards. Call us to talk to one of our computer service technical consultants in Perth to get a cost-effective quote.


Computer Support and Service In Perth

Austin has 6 convenient computer service centres around Perth that can help you with all your computer support needs. Whether you require computer repairs or computer help in Perth you can trust Austin to get the job done!

We understand that not everyone can make it to one of our computer stores in Perth so we can come to your home or business and help you. Contact one of our friendly computer support technicians in Perth today and schedule an appointment.

Mobile computer repairs in Perth

At Austin we provide mobile computer and laptop repairs from Joondalup to Mandural and Midland to Fremantle-you can say we have Perth covered! Call us today for all your computer repairs in Perth.

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